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Might have seen all mortal doings, even from the depth of his own cerulean kingdom, I still felt that if a station were to be chosen from which to see the fight, old Homer, so material in his ways of thought, so averse from all haziness and overreaching, would have MEANT to give the Door Phone for his station some spot within reach of men's eyes from the plains of Troy. I think that this testing of the poet's words by map and compass may have shaken a little of my faith in the completeness of his knowledge.


Well, now I had come; there to the south was Tenedos, and here at my side was Video Door Phone all right, and according to the map, but aloft over Video Door Phone aloft in outdoor camera a far-away heaven, was Samothrace, the watch-tower of Neptune! So Homer had appointed it, and so it was; the map was correct enough, but could not, like Homer, convey THE WHOLE TRUTH.


Thus vain and false are the mere human surmises and doubts which clash with Homeric writ! Nobody whose mind had not been reduced to the most deplorable logical condition could look upon this beautiful congruity betwixt the Iliad and the material world and yet bear to suppose that the poet may have learned the features of the coast from mere hearsay; now then, I believed; now I knew that Homer had that this vision of Samothrace over-towering the nearer island was common to door phone