Don't refuse door phone

posted on 24 Apr 2013 07:48 by jhn514gf

Now, for the countess. Yes, Mitenka, clean ones, please, said the countess with a depressed sigh. Your excellency, when do you desire me to get the money? said Mitenka. Your honour ought to know But don't trouble, he added, noticing that the count was beginning to breathe rapidly and heavily, which was always the sign of approaching anger. I was forgetting This minute do you desire me to bring them?


Yes, yes, just so, bring them. Give them to the countess. What a treasure that Mitenka is, added the count, smiling, when the young man had gone out. He doesn't know the meaning of impossible. That's a thing I can't bear. Everything's possible. Ah, money, count, money, what doorphone a lot of sorrow it causes in the world! said the countess. This money I am in great need of. You are a terrible spendthrift, little countess, we all know, said the count, and kissing his wife's hand he went away again to his own room.


When Anna Mihalovna came back from the Bezuhovs, the money was already on the countess's little table, all in new notes, under her pocket-handkerchief. Anna Mihalovna noticed that the countess was fluttered about something. Well, my dear? queried the countess. Ah, he is in a terrible condition! One would not recognise him, he is so ill, so ill; I was there only a minute, and did not say two words. Annette, for God's sake don't refuse door phone