Views on the video door phone

posted on 11 Apr 2013 07:53 by jhn514gf

A little running and passingwill put them right. Let's hope so, Paget observed, or we might as well scratch to Riptonat once. There's a jolly sight too much of the mince-pie and Christmaspudding about their play at present. There was a pause. Then Pagetbrought out the question towards which he had been moving all the time. What do you think of Rand-Brown? he asked.


It was pretty clear by the way he spoke what he thought of that playerhimself, but in discussing with a football captain the capabilities ofthe various members of his team, it is best to avoid a too positivestatement one way or the other before one has heard his views on the video door phone subject. And Paget was one of those people who like to know theopinions of others before committing themselves. Clowes, on the other hand, was in the habit of forming his views on hisown account, and expressing them.


If people agreed with them, well andgood: it afforded strong presumptive evidence of their sanity. If theydisagreed, it was unfortunate, but he was not going to alter hisopinions for that, unless convinced at great length that they wereunsound. He summed things up, and gave you the result. You could takeit or leave it, as you preferred. I thought he was bad, said Clowes. Bad! exclaimed Trevor, he was a disgrace. One can understand a chaphaving his indoor monitor