Off to door bell intercom

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He had nothing to show for his trouble except a good deal of duston his clothes, and a dirty collar, but he was full of determination. He could play a waiting game. It was a pity, as it happened, that Door bell left the vault when he did. Five minutes after he had gone, six shadowy forms made their waysilently and in single file through the doorway of the vault, whichthey closed carefully behind them. The fact that it was after lock-upwas of small consequence. A good deal of latitude in that way wasallowed at Door phone systems.


It was the custom to go out, after the bell hadsounded, to visit the gymnasium. In the winter and Easter terms, thegymnasium became a sort of social club. People went there with a verysmall intention of doing gymnastics. They went to lounge about, talkingto cronies, in front of the two huge stoves which video door phone warmed the place. Occasionally, as a concession to the look of the thing, they would doan easy exercise or two on the horse or parallels, but, for the mostpart, they preferred the role of spectator. There was plenty tosee. In one corner Door bell and Moriarty would be sparring their nightlysix rounds in two batches of three rounds each.


In another, Video door intercom, who was going up to Aldershot as a feather-weight, would be putting ina little practice with the instructor. On the apparatus, the members ofthe gymnastic six, including the two experts who were to carry theschool colours to Aldershot in the spring, would be performing theirusual marvels. It was worth dropping into the gymnasium of an evening. In no other place in the school were so many sights to be seen. When you were surfeited with sightseeing, you went off to door bell intercom